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Bullying- What it is and How to Handle it

about 1 year ago

It's no fun to get picked on in school but we all know it happens. In fact, it's been happening since your parents went to school! However, that doesn't mean it is ok. The thing is, if you don't tell someone that it is happening to you then nobody can help you! That means you're letting the bully have control of your life instead of you taking control yourself.

At our school we do not tolerate bullying. Tell a teacher, tell a counselor, or tell the principal. If you're afraid, ask a friend to go with you to the office. You can even tell your parents and ask them to tell the office for you! Don't just take it and keep it inside- it will only hurt worse.

Report Bullying through CrisisGo (coming soon)

If you choose to fight instead of getting help you will only get yourself in trouble. Did you know you could be suspended for fighting on the way to school, from school, or at school? You could even be suspended for watching or encouraging a fight! Fighting is never the best solution! Below are some links to resources about bullying that help explain why some kids bully others and what we can each do to avoid, or stop bullying.

Stop Bullying Now  

For Parents                 

How to Deal With Bullies


Bullying among girls is a growing problem. This is often called Relational Aggression (RA). Here are some sites that will tell you more about what RA is and how to avoid it.                      

The Ophelia Project (info & resources)

About Relational Aggression                          

Words Hurt(YouTube Video-may be blocked at school)


What About Online or Cyber Bullies?

Resources for Information on Cyberbullying

Bullies Online                   

Stop Cyberbullying

BrainPop Video on Cyberbullying

National Crime Prevention Council                  

Real Life Stories

Think Before You Post (YouTube Video-may be blocked at school)

By Sue Parsons