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about 1 year ago


What is STRIDES?

STRIDES is a web-based program management system used to track student progress. Students, teachers and principals have access to STRIDES through a username and password.

  • Students have access to a personalized webpage where they can view their progress against their goal, the incentives they have and can earn, as well as the progress of their classes and schools compared to other schools nationwide.
  • Teachers can enroll students, update mileage, and run a number of reports.
  • Principals and directors get observer access to view progress reports and compare sites locally and nationally.
The name Mighty Milers is no longer being used. New York Road Runners and STRIDES are the umbrella group for what is now being referred to as Rising New York Road Runners. The emphasis will be on physical literacy rather than just running.  Laps will not be counted as before. Click on this link to learn more: Rising New Your Road Runners FAQ 



By Sue Parsons

Mrs Engelmann's Class

over 2 years ago

By Sue Parsons

500 Miles and Counting!

Almost all of the students in Mrs. Engelmann's class have earned their first marathon medal and a t-shirt. They run each morning to start the day and many run during the Tuesday/Thursday lunch sessions.  What an inspiration to us all.

Students can earn prizes for their mileage. This chart lists some of the prizes