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School Site Council (SSC)

Welcome to our new SSC parent representatives...Ms. Cruz and Ms. Ruiz!

Mrs. Engelmann and Ms. Quemuel have been re-elected to serve another term on our SSC as well.

This page will contain the agendas and minutes for our School Site Council meetings, as well as copies of our school and safety plans so that all stakeholders (parents, teachers, students and community) can be a part of our process.  If you have any input you would like to offer on our school plans, please contact the principal or join us at one of our meetings.

2017-18 School Site Council

Parent Representatives:

Alba Barralaga

Juana Cruz

Will Ihuit

Nikki Quemuel

Lorena Ruiz

Staff Representatives:

Susan Engelmann

Cady Evans

Ana Gonzalez

Maria Granado

Mary Lou Sandoval

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